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Aspire Music Masterworks V3.94 Incl-Keymaker.rar




... A: In case anyone else gets stuck trying to figure out what "a series of numbers and letters in a line, or file" means: Each line in the file starts with "lnklm:" or "osacap:" (case-insensitive). The line ends with the string that you want to remove. The line can also have a space before the string. The software I'm using to do the regexp on the files is called Rextester. With Rextester, you can just type in the search string you want to remove, and it'll show you the regexp you need to type in a command to get rid of that string. This is a screenshot of what it looks like: If you can find the string you want to remove, use this regexp to remove it: lnklm:.* If you're unsure how to use Rextester, or if it's not working for you, it's super easy to find out how to use Rextester - it's totally free and there's a tour explaining how to use it. A: Here's a slightly improved version of the code that @duncan_d gave me: $re = '/lnklm:.*$/'; $string = file_get_contents('-f ~/Desktop/test.rar'); $string = preg_replace($re, '', $string); echo $string; The variables should be self-explanatory. The regexp regex /lnklm:.*$/ removes anything between lnklm: and the end of the string. The string-replacement-regexp does what you'd expect it to do: replaces the string with nothing (an empty string). The -f flag to file_get_contents reads in a file as a string, so you're actually replacing the contents of the test.rar file on your desktop with an empty string. Note that you'll need to escape the regex-string with backslashes. “U.S. Foreign Policy Has Killed More Than 200,000 People” - mrfusion




Aspire Music Masterworks V3.94 Incl-Keymaker.rar

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